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Presently, today's crewed capsules are promoted as all purpose. Earth return, deep space, lunar return and more. Designing one tool to fit every job is costly and ineffective. As an alternative path, Scout Aerospace envisions a vessel purpose built for travel between, LEO, GEO, and Lunar orbits. Once ferried to orbit, existing commercial capsules will dock with these OTVs to make the transfer to their final destinations, be it Luna or space stations occupying the Lagrange Points. Outfitted for cargo transport, OTVs will move construction materials and supplies to feed the growing cislunar economy.


First conceived by Dr. Buzz Aldrin in the 1980's, Cyclers are long range vehicles designed to leverage Earth free return trajectories 'cycling' to make returns between LEO and Lunar orbits at regular intervals. An OTV may rendezvous with the Cycler upon its arrival to exchange goods before the it falls back into another free return trajectory. While longer and more circuitous  than a direct burn to Lunar orbit, the low fuel requirement needed to keep station on a free return orbit means that a constellation of cyclers may be orchestrated to created a supply chain of frequent and efficient deliveries.